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James Crumwall is a crossing guard for Lawndale Elementary who appeared in the story On Guard by Kemical Reaxion. In his job, he wears a bright orange vest and carries a small, faded stop sign.

Crumwall is a man in his late 60s. He is well-liked by the school's principal, Cynthia Burns, who describes him as being a "sweet man." Daria is assigned to shadow him as part of Career Observance Day at Lawndale High. Upon their first meeting, James comes across as a rather boring, optimist man, and Daria is not thrilled at the prospect of working with him. However, he proves to be an interesting gentleman who has led a rich, full life and has the kind of wit that Daria can easily relate to.

James admits to being very lonely, especially while he is sitting out on the corner by himself. He is glad to have someone else to talk to during his work. He is so excited to have a young prodigy to work with for the day that he even makes Daria a "Junior Crossing Guard" name tag to wear. He admits that he has never liked children, though, which is ironic since he is in a job where he works directly with children.

Crumwall is a widower. His late wife Laura was a singer in a jazz band called "Blue Seasons." Based on his description of her, she was a tough lady but was the love of his life.

He also goes by the name Jimmy, however Daria does not feel comforting calling him by that name.


"I’ll let you in on a little bit of advice about musicians. From my personal experience I can tell you, they may be wild and crazy and get into trouble. They may be penniless and jobless and even lack ambition at times. But ain’t NOBODY better in bed than a musician!"

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