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Couldn't this page just be deleted? It seems unnecessary, since there are now separate pages for the Cassandra from "Beavis and Butt-head" and the one from "On Guard."

TAG: I figured some people would write "Cassandra" in double brackets without marking which one they were talking about, just like there are two stories called "Drive," two people in Daria named Evan, and a website named the Lawndale Sun-Herald, after the newspaper. If we leave the "Cassandra" page in, it will give people a chance to pick which one they wanted. We can go back later and fix tags to go to the proper Cassandra, but having a fall-back disambiguation page seemed like a good idea. Not everyone will check, and without the disambiguation page, someone might create a new page called "Cassandra" and duplicate what's already been done.

Lost episode creepypasta[edit]