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Terry Wicklemore is a fan-created character from Roentgen's The Hallowed Halls of Fielding. He is a junior student at Fielding along with his best friends Tom Sloane and Patrick Hackney VII. He made his first appearance in Part 3 of the series, as a fellow student in one of Tom's classes at Fielding. He was born and raised in Illinois before being sent to Fielding; the Wicklemores are an influential Illinois family.

Physically Terry is a portly, dark-haired young man whose personality is at the border between a restrained droll wit and over-the-top flamboyance — he would like to be catty like Elsie Sloane but unlike Elsie, Terry would like more to be the center of attention. If Fielding offered Drama majors it would be his major and his goal is to work in theater or movies as as actor after graduating from Fielding.

He became close friends with Tom and Pat shortly after arriving at Fielding. Like many young students at Fielding, the three were seriously bullied by the older students. Terry, however, was gay and his sexuality was discovered in fifth grade — the older students beat up not only Terry but also Pat and Tom, his defenders. The beatings did not stop until Terry pledged allegiance to a secret society at Fielding only known as "The Mafia", a society of gay male students willing to physically confront gay-bashers. (For years, Tom thought that it was the willingness of the three to stand up to the bullies that stopped the bullying, but he has been recently disabused of this theory.)

Terry is not known to have a boyfriend but he does live in a dorm at Fielding with several Mafia members. It is implied that his roommate is gay. Terry might be to some degree polyamorous.

Terry's more flamboyant side can be observed when he is hanging around with his Drama friends. He serves as a gossip, calling Tom at all hours to share some juicy morsel regarding campus happenings. He was the person who alerted Tom that Claire Davidson had attempted suicide. When not gossiping, he tends to hang out with Pat Seven and get intoxicated.

A conversation between Pat and Tom implied that Terry was starting to pursue his own interests outside of the trio — or at least, that there are several things about Terry's life that he shares with neither Pat nor Tom.

In other fanfics[edit]

Terry also makes appearances as Tom's friend in "God Save The Esteem" and "Ethan Yeager in Lawndale".