The Joy of Shunning Sex

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The Joy of Shunning Sex is a 2000 essay by Guy Wheatley.

Guy argues that contemporary society, especially thanks to MTV, is oversaturated with sexualised media to the point of boredom, and both the show and character of Daria are notably different. He breaks down why he sees Daria as uninterested in sex, that the writers only seem to use it for satirical purposes, and favourably talks up the Jane/Tom relationship for ensuring "whenever Tom is chewing scenery on the set it's never as "the boyfriend," but as Tom."

Some of this is funny in light of "The Kiss" but "My Night at Daria's" did indeed have Daria and Tom decide against having sex.


Time made fools of us in two instances:

  • Wheatley mentions religion never coming up in the show either - a few weeks later, "Groped by an Angel" came out!
  • Wheatley also talks negatively about the Doctor Who TV movie for adding romantic trysts with the companion, Grace: "Would the Doctor now have steamy quickies on the TARDIS control panel? Would he now be more discriminating in the "companions" he picks up? Would his intentions interacting with other beings he encountered ever be truly altruistic again?" When the show came back, the Doctor and multiple companions ended up as will-they-won't-they or explicit love interests!

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