The Spirals Are Coming!

The 15th story in the Falling Into College series by Richard Lobinske. The story occurs during late March to early April 2000.

Summary edit

Mystik Spiral finally gets a gig in Boston at the Raft Quad. Lindy, who is now living at Casa Lane, is worried about the reliability of the Tank to make the trip and gives Trent the last of her student aid money for emergencies. After the concert, Michael let's slip that he loves Daria while. Though not ready to say the same in return, Daria tells him she wants to hang around to find out if she can. The next morning, Trent talks with Daria about Michael, reassuring her that it's all right if she doesn't feel the same about him yet. He also warns her that he may do something stupid, while having the best intentions. Daria asks Trent how he feels about Lindy and he quickly leaves.

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