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The writer of, among other stories, "The True Story of How Stacy Rowe Destroyed the Fashion Club," an extremely long-named post-canon fanfiction.

For 2009, he received 6 nominations in the 6th Daria Fanworks Awards, including Favorite New Author. The following year, he received another 7 nominations in the 7th Daria Fanworks Awards, including 3 nominations for Tom's Overkill. In 2011, he received 2 nominations in the 2011 Daria Fanworks Awards, both for Mr. and Mrs. Danielson.

Tends to write his handle in the lowercase, ticknart, but is cool with it if others capitalize.

Fandom "Bio"[edit]

Early during the first season of Daria, ticknart was "forced" into watching the show by friends. They insisted he'd like it. They cited how much he enjoyed the President Clinton episode and told him that this new show starred the smart girl from that episode. They also knew of his, sometimes extreme, fondness for most things animated. He gave in and enjoyed. Earth remained in orbit and no new stars were born.

Unfortunately for him, his family didn't have cable and he wasn't able to spend every Monday night at the houses of his friends who did. And his friends claimed that they didn't know how to set up their VCRs to record the show for him. So, he went without until the fall of 1997.

That fall, he started college and was pleased to discover cable TV in the lounge of the resident hall. All the shows shown in the extended basic cable were at his fingertips. Except on Monday nights. Monday nights when lots of guys who lived on the third floor would make their way to the lounge to watch WWF RAW is WAR and tried to insist that watching a cartoon about a smart, cute girl and her friend was more "gay" that watching muscle bound guys dressed in spandex roll around on the mat trying to pin each other. ticknart didn't argue, though. He was one and they were at least four.

Having his television taken away from him he turned to the internet. There he discovered Sick, Sad World (website), which was only a few months old. He barreled through all of Wraith's ramblings and hungered for more. He downloaded the audio and video posted there. It wasn't the same as watching the show, though.

Eventually, having found no one who shared his world view and had a personal TV and like Daria he made friends with a Christian guy from the resident's hall to the north. Each Monday he'd walk the short distance to the other hall to watch Daria with a small group of Christians. (He never converted and was very careful not to piss any of them off, for fear of losing his TV privileges.)

His first experience with fan fiction based on Daria was when Wraith posted the entries for the First Annual Sick, Sad World Fanfic Contest. He didn't write one. (He believed he was going to become an engineer at the time, silly boy.) However, he did enjoy reading them. Daria in Wonderland was a fun theme.

He watched the show every Monday until the middle of June, when school ended. With only half the second season over, he was once again without cable. To make matters worse, he dropped out of the university, stayed at home, and went to a junior college. All his friends with cable were gone at this point and there was no one to leech off of. He checked in with SSW.net every once in a while, but eventually the ramblings stopped and so did his visits.

He didn't see the show again until sometime in 2001 when free cable showed up in the apartment he shared with people he didn't care for. Once again, he had a date on Monday nights and he was always there. He stayed away from fandom on the internet, though. He just didn't have the time to invest, what with school and all. He watched Daria until MTV aired Is It College Yet?.

Looking to see what was out there that related to Daria didn't occur to him until he read about the impending release of the complete series to DVD in July of 2009. Then he started reading massive amounts of fan fiction and lurking the board. Massive amounts of fan fiction and lurking led him to an Iron Chef that he couldn't leave without answering. From there... well, you can see for yourself.



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