Travis was a hitch-hiking country & western singer - a bad one - in "Speedtrapped", where Quinn got Daria to pick him up so she could flirt with him. He was a habitual liar and scammer running off his 'southern charm', starting with his claim to have been chased by a bull for wearing a red shirt even after Daria pointed out that was from Little House on the Prairie. When Daria was absent, Travis tricked Quinn into giving him the money for 'a bus fare' by lovebombing her with clothes ("he was so excited, he forgot to pay, and anyway, he didn't have any money"). He'd claimed to have been auditioning at Mad Dawg's but there was no sign he ever actually did it.

Objects in this mirror are dodgier than they appear

During the car ride, he regaled them with bad covers of Conway Twitty for two hours. Daria had to leave to "unclench [her] hands".

When Travis showed up at the end of the episode, Quinn had forgotten she'd been scammed - Daria sped up the car and almost ran him over to make a point.

Having not learned a thing, in "Love is a Way Too Many Splendored Thing" Quinn said: "He's a hot hitchhiking cowboy. Reminds me of that guy in the movie with the flying car."

In the Definitive Daria flipbooks (archived on a fansite), Travis opened one containing fake postcards and revealed Daria had destroyed his career: "Howdy! My name's Travis and I've got a cowboy's wanderlust, alright, traveling the highways and byways of America, hitching rides with my lanky, rugged thumb. The open road calls to me, the blue sky watches over me, and ever since my guitar got run over by a shiny ol' Lexus, I've been making ends meet by taking odd jobs like introducing this here collection of mighty amusing postcards. So I'd be powerfully obliged if you'd take a gander, as I get a commission on the click-throughs. Thank you kindly."

He makes a break appearance in the game "Daria's Inferno", where he's blocking your and bemoaming " can't sing without a [cowboy] hat". Buy him one ("Get a long little doggie with this cowboy hat. Yee ha.") and he'll give you a pass to the Zon.

Trivia Edit

If Travis hadn't dodged at that last second, Daria would have splattered him across the asphalt because there was no way to break in time!

In fanfiction Edit

Travis makes appearances mainly in alternate universe versions of "Speedtrapped" and is habitually a shifty man. A rare difference is in "Daria 2007: The Girl from Hope" by TAG, where he's a red herring and the real villain is another character. In The Quiet Ones by Smileyfax starts at the end of this fic, Daria successfully kills Travis.