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Turner (whether college or university is not specified) is a fictional school mentioned in Is It College Yet?, and one of the HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities).

Turner was Jodie's preferred choice for college, as she felt she could relax socially in a place where she wasn't 'representing' her ethnicity. She was also a legacy: her father, Andrew, attended Turner, while her grandmother graduated from the first class to admit women. However, Andrew admits he only attended Turner because he had no better options, and wants Jodie to take advantage of the chance to go to the far more prestigious Crestmore.

Jodie secretly applied to Turner as well as Crestmore, and got into both. However, she was afraid to stand up to her parents about the issue and went along with Andrew's plans to go to Crestmore. Mack, however, knew how miserable she was about the issue and talked to Andrew about it, explaining that Jodie felt stronger about the issue than she was admitting. After a talk with Jodie, her parents agree she should attend Turner, with the option of transferring to Crestmore in a few years' time.

Real life counterparts[edit]

Given Jodie's academic prowess, we can assume she got into a top-ranked HBCU, and one that became coeducational after originally only being open to men. This means Turner's likeliest counterpart is Howard University.