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Crestmore University is a top school mentioned in Is It College Yet?.

In canon[edit]

Andrew and Michele Landon pressure Jodie into attending Crestmore, which is very prestigious and competitive: Mack refers to it semi-jokingly as "the dream of dreams", Andrew Landon says their graduates "are literally running the country". Jodie confesses to her father that she would rather go to his alma mater Turner, a historically black college where she feels she would finally be able to relax socially, for at least a year. Andrew persists in telling her that Crestmore will give her more opportunities in life. She reluctantly gives in, but is miserable about the idea, a fact that she keeps secret from everyone but Mack.

Mack secretly meets Andrew at his office, revealing that Jodie had applied to Turner and was desperate to go. He and Michele confront Jodie with the information, and when she admits that Mack was telling the truth they reluctantly agree that she should go to Turner. Whether she transfers to Crestmore later or remains at Turner is unknown.

Real Life Counterparts[edit]

Little information is given about Crestmore, except that it is a highly desirable school to attend. The only college spoken of as highly is Bromwell, which is hinted to be an alternate version of Yale; it is possible that Crestmore could stand in for another Ivy League school, such as Harvard.

The only information known about Crestmore's location is that it is much closer to Mack's preferred college, Vance University, than Turner is (thus adding a measure of personal sacrifice to his meeting with Andrew).