Unseen Phenomenon

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Unseen Phenomenon is a series by Wildgoose that begins with circa Season 3 Daria hit by a car. She finds herself watching from outside of her body as people in her life react to her injuries. During the experience, she meets an angel of death, who happens to be named Paul. Since it is not yet time for her, she is returned to her body. From there, the series follows Daria's life, with small, unseen visits from Death and other entities such as Fate. The series introduces Maria Macleod, a blind girl who eventually becomes Trent's romantic interest and her brother Duncan, a firefighter who eveutually becomes Daria's eventual husband, plus Tim, a pilot with whom Jane elopes. Moods run from tragedy (Quinn's death during a robbery) to romantic (how Duncan proposes to Daria) to playful (Jane painting 'nose art' on Tim's seaplane) and poignant (when Paul reveals that he has "unscheduled" Daria and allows her to choose her time).

Stories in Series[edit]


Unseen Phenomenon at Outpost Daria (via Wayback Machine)