Amy Tool

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In 'It's All About The Mission', Amy Tool is a British Army Lieutenant (pronounced 'Lef-ten-nant' in the UK) based in Hereford.

While she was a corporal, Amy came to know Master Sergeant Daria Morgendorffer who was sent over to demonstrate her tactics with the Special Air Service, she learned how to prosecute Tazmanian Devil warfare, a doctrine which involves sending a lone warrior into an enemy stronghold to kill all enemy agents within. Few soldiers are unstable enough to commit to the intensive training (even among special forces regiments.)

After Daria returned to the United States, Amy earned some promotions and started to train her own Tazmanian Devils.

Her name has the (fortunate or unfortunate, depending on how you look at it) coincidental ease by which it lends itself to become her callsign 'Amatol'.

When the United States Defence Secretary discussed a mission to insert troops into North Korea to disable North Korea's strategic command in anticipation of a joint invasion by China and South Korea, Amy finds out when her CO 'accidentally lets it slip' and convinces her friend Andrew (a scientist working on a teleportation system) to assist her in providing teleportation equipment along with herself for Armalin's use.