It's All About The Mission

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It's All About The Mission (authored by Psychotol) is a sequel to Brother Grimaces It's All About Respect where Daria, having unwittingly disassociated with her friends, enrolled on some science courses and attempted to become more outgoing and attempted to befriend other students.

The forced cheer scared everyone away from her, and this social isolation drove her towards violence, she learned several martial arts, attacking miscelanious violent criminals until she joined the United States Army in the hopes that she would be able to find a role for herself that would allow her to indulge her urges without having to be good at interacting with others, the rules of conduct within the military lay out etiquette in writing, so she wouldn't have to make that up on the fly, and the physical training is directed towards maximum lethality.

She applied and qualified for entry into the Rangers regiment and devised a new form of warfare known as Tasmanian Devil warfare, the main principle involves sending a lone operative into an enemy stronghold, as he or she moves through every part of the enemy stronghold, that lone operative maintains a 360 degree field of fire and killing every enemy operative, the operative would need vastly superior reflexes to those of the enemy operatives within the structure. The training required to qualify is more intense than that which most soldiers, even those in special forces regiments, are willing to front up.

Daria's superiors initially rejected her arguments for her new doctrine to be implemented due to Daria's rubbish salesmanship, so Daria found a way to make the rest of her unit beg them on her behalf by out-doing them on exercises to the point where no one else was getting any useful training out of them, this prompted them to pertition their superiors that Daria be given the authority to practice her tactics in a way that would get her off of their training courses.

Daria's speciality eventually caused Major General Robert Bakeson to attach her to Kyle Armalin's unit in order to facilitate an operation to neutralize the end effectors of North Korea's strategic command allowing China and South Korea to invade and occupy thus alleviating a common threat.

The United States offer to assist in reconstruction was rejected prior to completion.

The United Kingdom, fearing a repeat of the War On Terror, wanted nothing to do with it, but that didn't stop an old acquaitance of Daria's from joining in anyway (someone apparently forgot to order her not to use her annual leave to lend her support).

This story introduces the V24 Hummingbird aircraft.