Ashley-Amber Taylor

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Ashley-Amber Taylor is Brittany's step-mother and Steve Taylor's trophy wife. She was also the poster model for St. Peter Girl beer: "I'll cure what 'ales' you." She met Steve at a photo shoot.

From "The Daria Database", it is possible to see that Ashley-Amber is 26 years old at the start of the series.

In her speaking parts, Ashley-Amber seems to be quite dim and has a strong big-sister relationship with Brittany, who enjoys hanging out with her. In "The Old and the Beautiful", her first speaking role, Daria mistakes Ashley-Amber for Brittany's older sister and the woman gets confused & thinks there is an unknown Taylor she's never heard of ("maybe we can get manicures together"). "Database" states Brittany uses Ashley-Amber's ID to get into clubs.

"The Daria Database" (written before she first spoke) adds an unexpected new depth to her, stating that without Steve realising she's "secretly learning the joint-property laws"...


Her name is very similar to Daria voice actor Ashley Albert, but it is unknown if this was intentional.