Buck Conroy

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Buck Conroy (who claims to be a general) is head of a mercenary company and editor of Brutal Mercenary Magazine.

In order to shut down Amazon Modeling's recruitment work at Lawndale High, Daria decided to embarrass Li by inviting Conroy - faking that Principal Li did it - to do his own recruitment and "hold a complimentary class". The local news duly filmed it and while investigating if Li really had done it, found out she had called in Amazon.

Conroy was an amazingly cheerful guy, happy to be seen recruiting children to be potential mercenaries and enthusiastic about all the money to be made from killing.

Is Daria a reader of Brutal Mercenary??


As a ready-made thug, Conroy has turned up as an antagonist in several fics. Nemo Blank's "Ring Toss" is an exception, where he's the amoral boyfriend of Ms Li and a torturer, but not an obstacle for Daria.


Buck Conroy gets a check from "Li". This raises a few questions: did Daria forge Li's signature, did Daria actually stiff a blood-soaked mercenary, or did she pay him herself?)