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Ring Toss by Nemo Blank is one of the few Daria/Tom shipper stories around, and it is arguably one of the best. It is a long story with many interwoven threads, including Daria and Tom's slide to the brink of breakup and back, the breakup of Brittany and Kevin with the resultant consequences, deeper examinations of Upchuck and Andrea, and Trent's new girlfriend (a shocker), all topped off with corporate intrigue at Grace, Sloane and Page.


The plot follows the adventures of our characters, as they learn the twists and turns life can take. Daria and Tom realize how much they love each other, and what they are willing to do. The Fashion Club members are being torn apart from each other, thanks to Sandi's new boyfriend(a red head shock) and Quinn's will to actually study. Trent Lane finds Lawndale High's most popular cheerleader to be an compromising girlfriend, while her boyfriend seeks himself to the most infamous goth chick of all, Andrea. With new characters introduced working at Grace, Sloane and Page, it is able to take a deeper look at the company's troubles, and eventually, its search for a new chairman.

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