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A fanfic writer of Canadian-British ancestry (hence her name), Canadibrit (also known as 'CB') was one of the first Daria fan fiction writers to achieve name recognition for her works. The primary author of The Look-Alike Series, Canadibrit was also the creator and manager of her own Daria web site, I Am (NOT!) Daria, named because of her resemblance to the character.

The primary character of The Look-Alike Series, Lynn Cullen, is considered by some to be one of the more interesting characters in Daria fanfic, while other segments of the fandom consider Lynn to be a textbook depiction of a Mary Sue character.

As the Look-Alike Series progressed, it strayed further and further from what was commonly considered "canonical" Daria fanfic. The stories became more fantastical and long-winded, involving Daria and Lynn in a criminal organization and rearranging family relationships among the characters. Canadibrit began collaborating with fellow fan Ben Yee on TLAS, and they could often be found discussing upcoming stories and plot points in #Daria+ IRC. The constant TLAS discussion in the main chat channel alienated some fans, who began meeting in an alternate chatroom.

Once extraordinarily active, Canadibrit is no longer a primary fixture in Daria fandom, preferring to lurk and occasionally post with news of her ongoing activities in real life. Due to Canadibrit's writing style, it is believed that she may have achieved recognition as one of the Angst Lords had she remained active in the fandom.

Canadibrit's works have influenced many Daria fans; it is also known that her works are directly responsible for the introduction into the Daria community of the figure known as CINCGREEN, and that her writings inspired Brother Grimace to begin writing fanfic. The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow, his first fic, is a homage work towards The Look-Alike Series.


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