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Daria Fandom Blog

The Daria Fandom Blog is a blog mainly devoted to chronicling the events of the Daria message boards, including then-current controversies and listings of new fanworks. It also features essays about the series and the fandom in general.

First incarnation[edit]

The DFB was founded by CINCGREEN, who wrote in his initial post of December 26, 2004: "We read the Daria message boards, so YOU don't have to!" In addition, a series of extensive reviews was posted for some of the original episodes on the tenth anniversary of their first airing.

The DFB went into hiatus in August 2007 and was slated to be taken off-line shortly thereafter during the Great Daria Fandom Implosion of 2007. At the time of its demise, the active contributors included CINCGREEN and Greybird. Past contributors included Jackie Dobson and Frank Sinisterra. The blog was closed to commentary but still available for viewing online, though at a URL different from its original address (see below)

Daria Fandom Blog II

Second incarnation[edit]

On November 23, 2007, The Angst Guy announced on the PPMB his creation of a sequel to the original DFB under the name of Daria Fandom Blog II (or DFB2). He was for a time the sole contributor to the blog, but now has a multitude of contributors who need to contribute more often, poke poke poke (smk, The Bug Guy, Kristen Bealer, UU, and Brother Grimace). The site features various musings about the show, fandom, offbeat story ideas, and fandom-related holidays and anniversaries, as well as the Daria Directory, the largest collection of active Daria-related links anywhere on the Internet. The website contains nothing within it that could be construed as serious business (except Daria stuff, of course).

In 2010, TAG began an extended hiatus from the DFB (and fandom in general) for personal reasons, handing over the reins to "The Kristen Bealer Guy."

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