Dear Diarrhea, Number Two

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Talking toilet?

Dear Diarrhea, Number Two is the letters page for the 20th issue of Beavis and Butt-head, and the sequel to #9's Dear Diarrhea. Daria Morgendorffer answers reader's letters, as written by Tom Daning and art & lettering by Rick Parker. It's an early instance of off-canon canon.

  • Daria: Once again, I've been suckered into answering another batch of what I'll loosely refer to as Beavis and Butt-head's "fan mail". *sigh* Life can be sooooo trying at times...

The first letter is a 11-year-old girl fan expressing her love of the comic and supporting the lads' jokes ("you guys are just typical males, you can't help it").

  • Daria: Well, Sharon... Apparently any progress made for women's rights over the past 100 years meaning nothing to you!! Way to go, "sister"!

The second asks why the last editorial team [also the writers of the main strip this issue] were dumped:

  • Daria: To answer your question about Scott & Glenn, I hear they were even more immature than Beavis and Butt-head.

The third asks "Diarrhea" if she's "wet and runny".

  • Daria: Sigh... Next.

The fourth, among other things, informs the lads that Daria has no thingies:

  • Daria: For someone who likes those two "dillweeds", at least on the encephalograph, my brainwaves don't register as flat.

Fanart of the lads as bald:

  • Daria: That's a great new look for you guys, but you have to change your names... to "Baldis and Shaved-Head".

Someone responds to Mistress Cora's suggestion that Daria wear leather and lace and sends in fanart of "Mistress Daria" that he suggests Daria wears next time she helps them with homework.

  • Daria: I'm glad I intercepted this letter before B&B got it, as the next time I did help them with homework, their inane laughter would drive me nuts... not that it doesn't anyway...

The final letter trumpets the glories of Beavis and Butt-head:

  • Daria: This is certainly a sad commentary on today's youth... what has become of our society if Beavis and Butt-head are viewed as role-models, and not what they truly are -- socially-challenged, insensitive jerks?


Daning has gone with the Daria-as-overly-serious approach to the character, as seen in earlier issues but at odds with others... including the last "Dear Diarrhea". At this point in Daria's existence, still a minor supporting character, her personality and attributes are different under different writers.