Family Collision

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The 46th story in the Falling Into College series by Richard Lobinske. The story occurs during early July 2001.


Michael's family visits Boston and his new apartment. He succeeds (barely) at showing his beginning cooking skills to them. In Lawndale, Helen learns that Tess has sold the guest house and is now in better financial shape. When Tess learns that the Fultons will visit Lawndale later in the week, she invites herself to join in. The Fultons see Daria's apartment and meet Jane. Michael and Daria guide them around Boston, including the Raft art gallery of their early dates. For the Fourth of July, they (with Jane) go to see the Boston Pops performance and the city's fireworks. Tension rises quickly between Helen and Tess and by the time the Fultons arrive, there is tension between Samantha and her children. Gina gets along with Quinn and Sandi, Ron and Jake get together over the BBQ grill and start drinking. Helen, Samantha and Tess get off to a bad start while Daria and Michael visit Jodie. They return to find Ron and Jake drunk and locked outside. Helen and Samantha not talking and Tess, Gina, Quinn and Sandi hiding upstairs.

Family Collision at Outpost Daria (via Wayback Machine)

Family Collision at Lessons From Lawndale

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