Hell is Crossed People

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A Crossed.
Daria and Jane reading Crossed.

Hell is Crossed People is the title of a PPMB Iron Chef started by Aloysius, but actually inspired/promoted by another author. The stories in the Iron Chef are Daria and Beavis and Butt-head crossovers with the Avatar Press/Garth Ennis horror comic Crossed and should be considered extremely R-rated.

The comic itself is famously NSFW (one writer in all seriousness said people with any triggers should not read it). The comic's premise is an unknown virus sweeps the globe and, within a year, 99% of the Earth's surviving population is infected, or "crossed". The Crossed, who are distinguished by a cross-like rash and a horrifying grin, go around committing the worst atrocities and degradations the human mind can imagine and have fun doing it. The few remaining uninfected humans struggle to survive against people who will go to unbelievable lengths to get to them.

It is, in short, a post-apocalyptic story utterly devoid of hope and some people decided to put Daria characters in it. You're welcome.

The Stories[edit]

Unicode issues may require the PPMB "Rosetta Stone".

  • "Hell is Crossed People--The Story" by Aloysius. Daria Morgendorffer is trapped in her home's attic as the Crossed epidemic sweeps Lawndale. She tries to decide her fate as she reflects over what she's already seen.
  • "Crossing the Shelter" by Aloysius. There are worse things than regular human beings becoming crossed. Much worse.
  • "Tales of the Ringbearers: A Salvage Attempt" (hPart One, Two, Three) by Doggieboy. (Warning -- NSFW) Three Ringbearers show up on a crossed world and attempt to fix the situation, despite the possibility that it might not be fixable.
  • "Happy Halloween" by GlitterShrooms. A mentally disabled Quinn is looking forward to trick-or-treating, but why is Daria so worried? And why are all these loud people outside dressed as the same thing?

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