John Peters

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John Peters is a fictional character from Doggieboy's Apocalyptic Daria. He is the father of Martin Peters and the husband of Martha Peters. John is shown in the story as being the rational half of his marriage with Martha. For instance, while Martha "decided" that Martin will be a preacher and have a wife of her choosing, John was content to let his son choose his own career and mate.

After Daria Morgendorffer saved Martin's life during an outlaw raid at the rescue center, both John and Martha noticed the growing attraction between the two teens. John chose not to interfere, as he didn't consider it any of his business, plus he thought that Daria was a good influence on his son. Martha, however, reacted badly and took several steps, some violent, to stop it.

When Daria and Martin openly announced that they were a couple, John supported them.

Martha saw John's support as a betrayal of her dream for Martin. When she suffered a psychotic episode, she shot John and left him to die in their burning home. He was rescued from the fire by Martin, but he soon went into a coma and died from his injuries several hours later.