Legends of the Metal

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Legends of the Metal is a Daria alternate universe crossover/action fanfiction story by The Excellent S. The plot involves Tom Sloane, having become a roadie after leaving Bromwell when his parents went missing, being transported to a mystical world after a freak accident and fighting in the human rebellion. The story is based on that of the video game Brütal Legend.

The series is currently on semi-permanent hiatus, with the author citing creative burnout (writer's block) as the main factor behind its sporadic updates.


Somewhere in time, the Titans themselves prophesised the arrival of a legendary warrior, destined to tame a land beset by demonic evil. Or maybe destroy it. Not real big into details, those guys. But Tom Sloane was a details man... THE details man. Unquestionably the best roadie in rock history. He lived on tour, always staying well out of the spotlight. Until the fire beast Ormagöden transported Tom into a nightmarish, but kind of awesome, land plagued by evil. Now Tom’s finally taking centre stage to set the people free through the power of rock! A pseudo-AU story set within the world of Tim Schafer’s “Brütal Legend” video game.

Stories in the Series[edit]

Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

1. Prologue

  • A freak accident at a Three Js concert summons Ormagöden, who wreaks havoc upon his arrival.

2. Arrival in the Age of Metal

  • Tom wakes up in the strange new world, where he finds that he is already in danger.

3. Tom's First Ally/The Druid Plow

  • Using his guitar to summon a car, Tom and Daria make their escape from the Temple of Ormagöden.

4. First Night in Bladehenge

  • Tom meets Trent and Jane, the leaders of the human rebellion, and learns about his new world.

5. Exploited in the Bowels of Hell

  • Tom makes his way through the Crushing Pit with the intent of recruiting its miners for Trent's army.

6. Killmaster's Mercy

  • After Daria is critically injured, the rest of the crew (now known as Ironheade) have to take her to The Killmasters to try and save her.

7. Lair of the Metal Queen

  • Tom fights giant spiders to retrieve the necessary equipment to save Daria.

8. Getting Some Answers

  • Tom tries to find out why Jane seems to dislike Daria so much.

9. To the Slaughter

  • Daria, Tom and Sandi work together to arm the razor girls.

10. The Calm Before

  • Ironheade prepare for their first showdown with General Lionwhyte.

11. Battle for Bladehenge

  • Ironheade battle Lionwhyte's Hair Metal Militia.

12. The Hunter and the Guardian

  • Tom finds a couple of new allies in his search for bus-building materials.

13. Tour of Destruction

  • Ironheade leave Bladehenge for Battersmith, but it's not all smooth sailing.

14. Fists Shall Fall

  • Tom discovers a strange new gift, one which comes in quite handy.

15. Pilgrimage of Screams

  • With their new bouncer and roadie associates in tow, Tom and Daria explore the Screaming Wall for vital equipment.


Nearly the entire cast of characters in Brutal Legend has been replaced by Daria characters, with some characters taking on different roles than they do in the game. The main antagonists, General Lionwhyte and Emperor Doviculus, remain unchanged from the game.

  • Tom Sloane - Eddie Riggs
  • Daria Morgendorffer - Ophelia
  • Trent Lane - Lars Halford
  • Jane Lane - Lita Halford
  • Charles "Upchuck" Ruttheimer III - Mangus/Second Roadie (real world)
  • Jesse Moreno, Max Tyler and Nicholas Campbell - Featured Headbangers
  • Beavis and Butt-head - Other Headbangers
  • Sandi Griffin - Head Killmaster
  • Quinn Morgendorffer, Stacy Rowe and Tiffany Blum-Deckler - Featured Killmasters
  • Tori and Brooke - Apprentice Killmasters
  • Brittany Taylor - Head Razor Girl
  • Angie, Lisa, Nikki and Donna - Featured Razor Girls
  • Kevin Thompson - Head Bouncer
  • Joey, Jeffy, Jamie and Robert - Featured Bouncers/Band (real world)
  • Michael "Mack" Mackenzie - Head Roadie
  • Bob and Dawn - Featured Roadies
  • Jodie Landon - Lionwhyte's ex-Director of Propaganda (one of the few characters in the series not based on one from the game)
  • Jennifer ("Burnout") - The Hunter
  • Amy Barksdale - The Guardian of Metal


  • In this alternate universe, Tom never met any other characters from the show outside his family, although he does eventually work with Upchuck and The Three Js. In that same vein, Daria and Quinn aren't related.
  • A side story called "Drowning In Despair" was written by Ixmythot in January 2011, depicting Daria's reaction to being excommunicated by Ironheade upon Trent's death. A second part to this was written in February 2011, depicting Daria's trek to the Sea of Black Tears, and her transformation into her Drowned Form.
  • In August 2011, Jim North would produce artwork of Daria in her Drowned Form.
  • In October 2011, another side story by Ixmythot called "The Drowning Doom Triumphant!" was written, depicting a splinter universe where Ironheade were defeated by Daria's Drowning Doom and subsequently were absorbed into their army, before collectively taking on Emperor Doviculus's Tainted Coil.