On the topic of Genealogy and Daria

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On the topic of Genealogy and Daria was an essay by Bacner, looking at: "the geneaology of the various characters in Daria is examined, with some interesting results." It would lead to a series of essays on the family histories and what they said about characters across the show.

Among other musings and theories:

  • Jane Lane is not as self-assured as she thinks (and we view her), and her relationship with Daria is co-dependent for that self-assurance, and she's unpopular because her background has impaired developing normal social skills
  • Quinn's red hair makes little sense unless it comes from a grandparent, and Bacner muses that it could be from "Mad Dog" Morgendorffer. He also theorises Daria gets her personality in some way from him: "Daria is “Mad Dog” II".
  • Based on some of Sigmund Freud's theories, Helen and Jake made some mistakes with infant Daria and overcompensated by going too far the other way with infant Quinn.
  • Sandi is greatly insecure about her ability to lead, having lucked out that Stacy and Tiffany are even less secure, and her mother is as well due to losing a glamorous anchorwoman job years ago.
  • Michele Landon resents Helen because she's both a go-getting careerist and a mother, while Michelle still hasn't returned to work due to pressure from Andrew. (She never sees any of the issues Helen has doing both roles, after all!)
  • Helen is insecure about parenting, and is trying to simultaneously avoid it and try to fix perceived failings with Daria
  • The Morgendorffer family may have emigrated to the United States from Germany during the 1930s, and are "probably Jewish"

(There's also a diversion in the fourth episode into complaining about perceived 'political correctness')

The series was posted to Outpost Daria.

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