Paws Force Power Rangers

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Created by Brother Grimace, the Paws Force Power Rangers are a team of fictional superheroes that were introduced in Angelboy’s round-robin fan fiction Fandemonium. An obvious parody of the title characters in the eighth season of the ubiquitous Power Rangers franchise – Power Rangers Time Force – the Paws Force Rangers are pets from the television show Daria, as well as the pet of a noted Daria author and the pet of one character from a well-known Daria fan fiction series. Their stories revolve around their battles against the Jakinator and his Almond Ninjas through a fictionalized Lawndale.

The Paws Force Power Rangers are:

Zoie – the Red Paws Force Power Ranger. She is the pet of Daria author Angelinhel, and a bit spoiled.

Bump – the Pink Paws Force Power Ranger, and the pet of Daria Morgendorffer from the ‘Falling Into College’’ series. The leader of the Paws Force Rangers, Bump is a plain old alley cat, and has a special quirk about having fish for breakfast on Sundays. (She's been spoiled rotten by her mistress.) She’s also the best fighter of the Rangers, and the smartest.

Fluffy – the Green Paws Force Power Ranger. Fluffy is a long-haired white Persian, and the pet of Sandi Griffin. Having lived in the Griffin household, she is the most skilled at detecting and extracting herself from dangerous situations. She also has the biggest dislike for humans – especially young males, is the biggest flirt, and the most fashionable and stylish.

Zachary – the Yellow Paws Force Power Ranger. Zachary is a Domestic Shorthair with yellow fur, and one of the two pets of the Lane family. A bit of a slouch on his own, he likes to sleep in the sun, or just sleep anywhere where he can stay warm. He also has a surprising ability to be friendly with rodents, and just as surprisingly, is the best jumper and leaper of the group (which annoys his brother Taylor to no end).

Taylor – the Blue Paws Force Power Ranger. Taylor is a Blue Point Siamese, and the second of the two Lane family pets. He is the most athletic of the Rangers, and the most resourceful in finding needed resources. Unlike most cats, Taylor loves water and enjoys splashing around in pools and other bodies of water, as he can swim quite well.

Leary IV – the Canine Ranger. A German Shepard, Leary is the fourth ‘Leary’ to be owned by a beatnik couple that are friends of the Morgendorffers. A K-9 Corps washout (he flunked out because he couldn’t sniff out hidden drugs - but only because he had a slight cold), Leary was adopted by the beatniks, and found the Canis Morpher when he was brought to Lawndale by his owners and sniffed out Easter Eggs with prizes in them during a citywide Easter Egg hunt sponsored by the Sloane Foundation. As puppies, Leary and Zoie were classmates in obedience school; Leary doesn’t care much for Zoie because he sees her as having ‘lived a pampered life, with everything set before her in a bone china bowl’.

To activate their Fauna Morphers, the Rangers call out ’Pause for – Paws Force!’ To activate his Canis Morpher, the Canine Ranger calls out ‘Canine Power!’

The Paws Force Rangers are most famous for the theme song from their show, which is a slight variation on the Time Force theme. The lyrics are:

Paws Force!Paws Force!

Power Rangers…

Racing across the streets and grime

Fauna Morphers are on line

Beasts of wonder, roar like thunder

Off to save the world

Go, go, Paws Force!

Pause (pause, pause) for Power Rangers Paws Force

Pause (pause, pause) for Power Rangers Paws Force

Pause (pause, pause) for Power Rangers Paws Force

Paws Force, Paws Force

Power Rangers, go!