Squandered Potential

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Squandered Potential is a precanon by Kristen Bealer.

In 1994, recovering beatnik Anthony DeMartino is starting his first teaching job at Lawndale High - and he is not prepared. Between his obnoxious student nemesis Tommy Sherman, the troubles of struggling student Trent Lane, his uncaring and aggressive peer Timothy O'Neill, and relationship problems of new friend Janet Richards, well, Anthony just.... might... snap.

The climax includes the debut of Trent's song Mr. Normal, while him daubing O'Neill's car is taken from "Lucky Strike" and DeMartino's beatnik past from "The Daria Diaries".

Winner of "Favorite Pre-Esteemsters" and tied for "Favorite Character Development/Redevelopment/Growth" story in the 4th Daria Fanworks Awards.

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