Steven MacKenzie

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Steven MacKenzie

Name: Steven James MacKenzie

Nicknames: Steve

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 160 pounds

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Birthday: March 9th, 2003

Hobbies: sports, reading noir detective novels


Steve is tall, with an athletic build, and typically wears his hair in dreadlocks or corn rows. He tends to dress casually, and usually wears a letterman's jacket signifying his status as an athlete.

The Past[edit]

Steve is the eldest child of Mack Mackenzie and Brittany Mackenzie. He has an as yet unnamed younger sister, and beyond that nothing is known about his home life or past.

The Present[edit]

Steve is a student at Lawndale High School, and is member of The Renaissance Society's ruling white court. His title is the White Duke of Blue, indicating that he specifically administrates the Society's blue court. He is the star running back for the Lawndale Lions, and is captain of the track team.

He is romantically involved with Cherry Lane, much to the dismay and confusion of his many female admirers. His only comment is that he is "tired of dating girls that are more interested in the mirror than me." He maintains a casual friendship with Cherry's cousins Damsel and Heather Morgendorffer. He seems to have a sense of civic duty and will frequently step into situations to provide assistance or advice, even if his presence may be unwelcome.