Writers Brother Grimace and Angelinhel were entered into a "write-off" in which they each had to write three stories, the main ideas of which were designed by other PPMB board members. After submission, readers voted for whose story better exemplified the idea proposed. Best two out of three won the write-off.

"The Question" was Angelinhel's response to the third and final challenge of the three-part series. Proposed by Kristen Bealer: write a story about one of Jane's baby-sitting stints for Summer's kids (at least two of them--Courtney and Adrian, the other two (?), or any combination of them).

"The Question" won the 2005 Bootie for "Favorite Jane Story."

Nominated for the 2005 Bootie "Favorite Character Development/Redevelopment/Growth."

Plot Summary edit

Warning: The following may contain plot or ending details.

While babysitting her older sister's children, Adrian and Courtney, Jane struggles with the fact that much like Summer (their mother), Jane's parents were also often absent. Having been left to fend for themselves without provisions, Jane uses a game to find money to buy her and the children food. She tries to cover the fact they've been all but abandoned, allowing the hungry children to eat the last slice of pizza, ignoring her own hunger.

The bittersweet last paragraph shows a very pregnant Jane in the future, promising her unborn child it will never have to ask the question she and Summer's children had: "Where is Momma?"

Trivia edit

  • Brother Grimace was unable to complete this challenge, causing Angelinhel to win by default. She regrets this decision.

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