Tracy is a character from "Camp Fear". She, along with Cindy and Tatiana, were Quinn's friends at Camp Grizzly, where they pretty much ignored all the camp activities. She is eerily similar to Sandi Griffin in look and temperament.

SandiTracy nearest Quinn

When Quinn first went to Grizzly, she made a beeline for Tracy because "that girl has my backpack"; Tracy passive-aggressively told Quinn that the girl certainly had a good copy of her bag. During their time at camp, Tracy asked a boy called Alex Kroger to a dance but was stood up - because Quinn had stolen him.

At the reunion, Quinn was hoping she could get a ride home with Tracy's crew. That plan was wrecked when she accidentally revealed her pinching of Alex, causing Tracy to drop fifty cents on the table ("Call Alex and ask him for a ride home") and abandon her.