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The Trentmobile is Trent's barely functional muscle car used in Daria. It is Trent's personal vehicle, as the Tank is owned by Mystik Spiral drummer Max Tyler. The Trentmobile is the only known vehicle owned by the Lanes. It is seen driven in the series by both Trent and Jane.


In earlier seasons of the show, the Trentmobile is a duller turquoise color. This was likely due to the cel animation style used before the adoption of digital ink animation. In later seasons, the Trentmobile is a darker, deeper blue.

The Trentmobile has no side windows, with only one set of bench seats in the front. The seats themselves are worn and ripped (it looks... alternative).


In "Legends of the Mall", the Trentmobile broke down while Jake, Trent, Daria, and Jane searched to look for the Fashion Club. Earlier in the episode, Jane describes the Trentmobile as "...a car, sort of" and "an adventure on wheels." When Jake asks what the funny smell in the car is, Trent responds by saying: "It wasn't so funny when it happened, but it's a really great story." Also, when the engine sputters and stops, Trent pounds the dashboard to restart the engine. Later, when Daria asks Trent about leaving his car, Trent responds by saying: "It'll be here in the morning. No-one ever steals it, don't know why."