U.S. Marshals Service

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In the 'Daylight' Legion of Lawndale Heroes continuum, the United States Marshals Service is the sole remaining law-enforcement agency empowered by the existing U.S. Government. The exact number of U.S. Marshals is unknown, but (at present) the USMS is the largest known force operating on American soil. (The USMS numbers about three to four times the number of the United States Military Command, as all surviving law-enforcement were immediately absorbed into the service; also, the ability of the USMS to 'deputize' new Special Deputy Marshals allows them to create new members faster than the training regimen required for new USMC personnel.

In addition to law-enforcement, the USMS also acts as the representatives of the government in matters of administrative duties at the local level. In addition, the USMS can be used by the government to 'carry out unusual or extraordinary missions'; this broad definition of the agency's jurisdictional scope means that in many cases, the USMS can and will engage in a wide variety of activities in the current environment.

Active U.S. Marshals currently wear the badge worn at the time of Zero Hour; this is a star within a circular ring. They also carry two service weapons as part of their standard gear: the Glock Model 17 9mm semi-automatic pistol, and the Armalite PFT-M2 energy weapon.

The current USMS Headquarters is located outside the remains of Olathe, Kansas. About the size of a small city and with several levels, construction on the predominantly-underground facility was begun approximately seven weeks after Zero Hour, after Acting President Nancy Pelosi's general order consolidating the nation's law-enforcement agencies. The base was constructed using primarily metahuman effort; its underground design was accepted for the additional level of protection afforded against possible attack and environmental conditions; even in the short period after Zero Hour, the change in weather patterns was easily noticeable. USMS Headquarters also acts as a small city, where the families of Marshals and other USMS personnel live.

It is rumored that a small contingent of Ringbearers was instrumental in the construction of the headquarters, and has helped in the creation and stabilization of the subterranean environment (this includes the underground forest preserve, and a small lake). If true, this would be the first major interaction with the Corps of Ringbearers since their arrival from off-world one week after Zero Hour, and their first major incursion in the Western Hemisphere since their arrival. {The Ringbearers first established their presence in central Asia, building a large Citadel in China near the Three Gorges Dam and remaining on Chinese territory for a full three months before actively operating anywhere else on Earth. The reason for this is still unknown.)

As of 2018 (the events of Daylight on D-1111 were time-shifted due to the events of The Judith Conflict and the Spoilsport Agenda), it is known that several more cities than expected have survived. Among those cities is Tromaville, New Jersey. Both the cities of Toronto and Ottawa (in the Canadian province of Ontario) have survived, as have the cities of New Orleans and Las Vegas (the latter being taken over by the Arcana Federation).

It is now known that the Corps of Ringbearers has expanded their presence in the former central United States. They have completed work on a Citadel which has been constructed directly beneath the remains of Olathe. They have made diplomatic overtures to the existing government for extraterritoriality, and in exchange have signed a mutual-defense treaty (which means that if called upon, the Corps will supply troops for any necessary conflict). To that end, several thousand Corps Security and Protection Division officers have been based at the Citadel to provide any necessary forces and to help with reconstruction efforts in the area.

In the mainstream Legion of Lawndale Heroes continuity, efforts are being made to centralize the majority of Federal metahuman operations within the U.S. Marshals Service (as opposed to military metahuman operations, which are handled through the United States Special Powers Command).