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Visitations is a series of fanfics, written by Brother Grimace, in which several residents of Lawndale are visited by a supernatural being. The stories intersect with other fanfiction, including Canadibrit's The Look-Alike Series.

Stories in "Visitations"[edit]

  • "The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow": The first of the ‘Visitations’ series. Daria meets up with a well-dressed man and in the process, discovered things about herself that makes her question everything that she stands for.
  • "Shipping Overnight": The second of the ‘Visitations’ fanfics, Trent has a few drinks and discusses his feelings about a certain pair of siblings.
  • "He's The QB": Set a few years after his graduation, Kevin meets the well-dressed man and "Forrest Gump’s" his way through the experience. Part 5 in the ‘Visitations’ series.