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For the counterculture boogeyman, see The Man.

The Man is a supernatural being of vast power and ability who acts as the focal point of Brother Grimace's Visitations fanfic series, where he visited several citizens of Lawndale, including Daria and Helen Morgendorffer.

In what amounted to a ten-year anniversary of his first appearance (in The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow), 'the man' made an appearance in the 'Worldburner' fic 'Appearance of the Morning Star', where he visited an alternate reality where Lynn Cullen had tormented that Daria Morgendorffer to the point of near-insanity. While there, Judith herself appeared to torture and kill both Daria and Jake, but was sent away by 'the man', with instructions to never bother that reality ever again.

It has been insinuated in both of his appearances that 'The Man' may in fact be the fallen Archangel Lucifer. In 'Appearance of the Morning Star', The Man was able to contain a fire-blast that could have incinerated at least a third of the Earth, his very presence rendered Judith's near-sentient cloak frozen with fear, and he was the only being able to force Judith away from her desired goal of killing off the Daria Morgendorffer of every dimension she visits. The Man also spoke to Judith in a manner that inferred that he has great respect for God, and that her behavior came very close to what he would still consider blasphemy.

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