Vivian Taylor

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Brittany holds a picture of her mother Vivian in The Daria Database

Vivian Taylor is Brittany Taylor's mother.

Absent from the series, her only appearance comes in form of a framed photograph in the Taylor family portrait in The Daria Database, where she is described as:

"actress/model/restaurant hostess/former Mrs. Taylor. Shortly after Brian's birth, deserted family to move to Hollywood where people are relatively sane."

Vivian in Fanfiction[edit]

Fanfiction stories portraying Vivian are relatively rare. She has a appearance in Inheritance, by Roentgen, the sixty-sixth installment of Legion of Lawndale Heroes series. She is also significant in the back story and ending of Kristen Bealer's "A Monster in the Unmaking," which focuses on her ex-husband, Steve Taylor.

Vivan made an appearance in Peter Guerin's story Strange Reunions, in which she informs Brittany that she is dying from cervical cancer and wanted to commit suicide by drinking hemlock like the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates did (though in his case it was by order of the state). However, Kevin Thompson prevents Vivian from doing so after it is revealed by Dr. Davidson that Vivian's cancer was actually in remission and was given the wrong information due to a mix-up at the laboratory.