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YouthofOz is a prolific Australian fan, making his debut at the start of 2019. The user name is taken from an original comic strip he had published entitled The Youth of Australia oddly-enough, as his real name Ewen Campion-Clarke was given to him by his parents.

With a string of failed projects, broken friendships and unsuccessful careers behind him, he started writing Daria stories purely out of spite with the ocean of pointless misery and pain life had become. He's probably not worth the trouble, but he can write angst stories with happy endings and make even Linda Griffin sympathetic. Sometimes. When he tries.

It is worth noting YouthofOz has stated more that once that he writes directly into the forum without any editing or review. The recognised quality of his work (voted PPMB Best New Author 2019) is even more exemplary considering this fact.

Guaranteed to be someone Daria would utterly despise if she met them in real life.