Coach Gibson

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Coach Gibson
First appearance Esteemsters (background)
Last appearance IICY? (background)
Voiced by ?
Episode count 1 speaking episode (plus seveal background appearances)
Gender Male
Age ?
Occupation Football Coach in Lawndale High
Significant other(s)

Gibson (no first name given) is the Football coach at Lawndale High.

He is never named in the Daria series but was going to be named in a cut scene from "Esteemsters", where Ms Li says $400 seems "an awful lot for five footballs, doesn't it?" Gibson was meant to shrug in a way that showed he had gold chains and a diamond ring.

His name is first mentioned in The Daria Diaries in a memo from football team captain Mack Mackenzie to the rest of the team. In the memo, Mack writes (sic): "I'm sure our coach, Mr. Gibson, would agree. (Update: He's almost done paying his debt to society and assures me that when the recruiter said "kickback," Mr. Gibson thought he meant "kick off.")". In The Daria Database, there's a note from "Coach" for Mack to talk about Kevin Thompson's achievements (and vice versa) at a end-of-season dinner: Gibson tells Mack "be nice", so he's aware of what Mack wants to say.

"See Jane Run" and "Murder, She Snored" have Kevin say that "Coach" fixes his grades so he can remain on the team without studying.

In the team's webpage, Mack referred to how sports means "you learn how to take orders from an ignorant, often abusive authority figure".

Gibson appears without any lines in the background of several episodes, starting with "Esteemsters" where he looks bored by the self esteem assembly. His only speaking appearance is during the episode Lucky Strike, where his is seen chanting strike slogans along with several other colleague teachers.

Coach Gibson in Fanfiction[edit]

He shows up irregularly, often in the guise as someone corrupt and involved in the grade fixing. In fics like "Falling Into College" and "God Save The Esteem" where the grade-fixing comes to light, Gibson does not last long.

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