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Some TV cartoon shows, like "The Simpsons," have devoted entire episodes to the issue of what the characters think of religious values and established religion in general. Daria devoted exactly one episode to that theme ("Groped by an Angel"), and it did not reveal a great deal except that Quinn's views on religion are very shallow, and Daria is an agnostic. As the episode's title suggests, the topic is not taken with a great deal of seriousness.

If I may edit this please. Daria clearly has the atheist symbol upside-down on the hood of her car.

"Groped by an Angel"[edit]

This episode hinges on the idea of Quinn believing that a guardian angel is looking after her. The writers kept the religious element pretty generic, and may have more specifically been satirizing guardian angels in popular culture (which rather differs from guardian angels as presented in actual religions). Daria's viewpoint is more skeptical, and while she steers Quinn away from believing that someone's always protecting her, she does support Quinn's choice to believe in something.

Religion in Daria Fanfiction[edit]

Religion doesn't seem to pop up very frequently in fanfiction. One recent exception is WellTemperedClavier's The Background Blues, which presents the backgrounder Priscilla as intensely (albeit idiosyncratically) religious, and also mentions other religious students in Lawndale High. The same author's Daria In Morrowind also explores the fictional religions of that setting.

James McCarthy, in E. A. Smith's Love's Labours Trilogy, and its follow-ups The Tempest and That Undiscovered Country is implied to have a religious background.

Doggieboy's Apocalyptic Daria has Daria and Jane seeking refuge in a still-functioning church in the aftermath of a nuclear exchange. The church staff is (obviously) religious. Aloysius's A Visit to the Church also features Daria as a Sunday School teacher, though one who disagrees with the fictional fundamentalist regime presented in the story.

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