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Daria feat. Tom was a Round Robin Iron Chef from 2019 to 2021, involving Shiva, WellTemperedClavier, and others.

The premise was inspired by a Lawndale-High Message Board discussion on why Tom is hated - Tom and Jane were swapped around so he was the friend Daria made in the first episode and she was the one who disrupted the status quo at the end of S3. As with Mecha Ensign Daria, the story took the form of an episode guide for the fictional show Daria and Tom, complete with trivia sections about production, airings, and what the fandom did.

Because of the swap, Daria ends up kissing her friend's girlfriend and then getting together with her. In the round robin, this was treated as a show airing in 2000 airing a gay relationship i.e. it was massively controversial and broke fandom in twain. Other changes include Tom becoming part of the football team.

An original character was introduced by Clavier: the Sloane's long-suffering butler Reginald, who pretends to be British but is really from New Jersey. He's later revealed as an agnostic Jew, and his name due to his mother loving Archie comics.

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