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The Driven Wild Universe Apocrypha consists of cut scenes, early drafts, and unfinished follow-up stories to the Driven Wild Universe. The most significant follow-up stories are "Working Girl" and "The Winter Chill," but the Driven Wild Universe "future" scenes also provide clues to the characters' futures.

Working Girl[edit]

Working Girl revolves around Quinn's experience living in the city, working for Joel Silverman's firm, the summer after the events in DWU #22, "Tomorrow Never Knows." Unlike the stories from the DWU, "Working Girl" is written in prose. Although the narration is third-person, the story is told largely from Quinn's perspective. The story, in its current form, consists of a half-dozen episodes with several gaps in between.

The Winter Chill[edit]

The Winter Chill, the sequel, is also written in prose and is largely incomplete. Told in third-person, from Daria and Amy's perspectives, it is about Amy and Joel's uncomfortable visit to the Morgendorffers' the winter after "Working Girl." The second chapter, Mother's Milk, was eventually spun off into a ficlet all its own.

Driven Wild Universe "future scenes"[edit]

The future scenes consist mainly of expectations around Amy's pregnancy, the birth of her son, the burdens of parenting, and of her subsequent uneasy relationship with Daria, which was an inspiration for "The Winter Chill." Like the DWU installments, the future scenes are written in script form. However, like the prose works, the scenes are mainly a cluster of episodes rather than a single narrative. Originally, they were written shortly after "Memory Road."

Cut Scenes[edit]

The cut scenes include a fragment from DWU #20 "Memory Road" that never made it, a cut flashback scene in DWU #19 "All But Forgotten," and various cut scenes from DWU #21 "Into the Fire" and DWU #22 "Tomorrow Never Knows." Of all the scenes, the cut flashback from ABF, called "'I Don't' Aftermath," was the only one to be spun off into its own ficlet.

Early Drafts[edit]

Other apocrypha material consists of early versions of Act One for "Memory Road" and early drafts of "Tomorrow Never Knows," including the original Act Six, before it was expanded to include an Act Seven.

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