Girl, Lost and Found

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The 52nd story in the Falling Into College series by Richard Lobinske. The story occurs from late October to early November, 2001.


A former staff member of Val magazine, Debbie Cawthon-Shellski, tracks down Daria to tell the “real story of D”, leading to Karen discovering that aspect of Daria’s past, and revealing her old interest in the magazine. Through unknown sources, Val quickly discovers what Debbie is planning and flies to Boston. She interviews different people and finds information that she can selectively quote to use against Daria. After Debbie returns to Seattle, Daria learns about Val’s visit. Later, Val visits Debbie and lets her know about the information she uncovered at Raft and how it could be used against Daria, even threatening to visit Helen.

Girl, Lost and Found at Outpost Daria (via Wayback Machine)

Girl, Lost and Found at Lessons From Lawndale

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