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"Orange Girl"

An oft-seen African-American girl in Daria's year, this character is most notable for her distinctive orange dress. She also wears pinkish earrings and leggings; in the opening of "Is It Fall Yet?" she has a green swimsuit.

Kia seems to be one of the popular students; she and The Popular Girl seem particularly close, often talking or walking together, despite being in different grades. She also joined the Fashion Club admiring Brooke's new nose in "Too Cute." In "It Happened One Nut" she can also be seen hanging out in the mall with Bib Overalls and Tank Top. (And Jodie says there are no other black girls in the school.)

She was previously nicknamed "Orange Girl".

Appearances in fanfic[edit]

In the "Lawndale Fighting Championship" series she is a wrestler named LaToya Jones.

In "Ethan Yeager in Lawndale" her name is Rene Glass. She is the only person Tori Jericho considers a real friend. She rarely speaks, so people tend to pay attention when she does.

In "Freefall", by Princess-Pasta, she is named Kia, and is once more Tori Jericho's best friend. Based on the strength of her characterization in the story, the residents of the Lawndale-High Message Board elected to officially christen her as Kia.

In WellTemperedClavier's The Background Blues, Kia and Tori are seniors who are annoyed by the Fashion Club and view them as not really knowing about fashion. Kia's distinct look is said to be an intentional mod/motown cross.