Lay Your Hands On Me

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Legion of Lawndale Heroes, Chapter 12.2, Lay Your Hands On Me is the ninth chapter of Legion of Lawndale Heroes written by Brother Grimace.

In this episode, the Legionnaires have arrived at the United States Academy of Extranormal Studies and are beginning to mingle with the cadets there, including Martin Peters, who is a Cadet First Class in the 'Elite Academy' and Cadet Commander of Corps.

A pivotal point in the fic comes when Daria meets several of the cadets at the Academy who possess telepathic powers like she does and bonds quickle and easily with them, to the point that she is seen as acting like a 'normal' teenage girl in their presence (which includes being hormonal and making out with several of them). Daria also discovers that she has a 'connection' with Leda Calavicci and David Allen Farrington, two cadets who are incredibly powerful telepaths like her; they persuade her to fully confide in Jane if she wants to keep her as a friend. Daria agrees, and later uses her telepathy to form a mental link with Jane, in which they share a great deal of memories, experiences, and the knowledge that they will be there for one another.

In a related storyline, the Fashion Club Legionnaires discuss over lunch how Daria (in using her powers to sublimate Quinn's memories of her attack by a metahuman) was actually trying to be helpful, and how they should try to understand her problems as a telepath. During this conversation, it is revealed that not only did Kyle Armalin have telepathic abilities at one time, but that he gave them up voluntarily; it is also revealed that Kyle and Jean Grey are close associates and have had heated discussions on the loss of his powers and his methods of training Daria.

The fic also introduces Odell Jones to the LLH universe; a wanted serial rapist (through the use of drugs and his position of trust as an elder in the church, where he assaulted his victims during 'counseling sessions'), Odell has been on the run from the law for almost a year and a half. After making his way into a wooded area of Maryland, Odell shoots a squirrel with an odd-colored pelt (for the purpose of selling it) and is immediately engulfed in an explosion. Upon awakening, Odell discovers that he has acquired the ability to destroy (through disintegration) any solid materials upon touching them with his right hand, or controlling their rate of molecular collapse enough so they will act as explosives when thrown.


  • It is revealed that Kyle Armalin at one time had a telepathic power.
  • Mack and Brittany at one time considered a romantic relationship, but decided not to have one when each decided that people would complain. At that time, Mack had just made football team captain and Brittany had just been selected as Head Cheerleader.
  • We learn that Kyle Armalin experimented with a superhero persona at times, considering the names, "Soul Power" and "Flying Moor". He also had incarnations as one of the Kindred, an Indiana Jones-type persona, and a Rocketeer persona. The joke is that all of his personae wore open shirts.
  • It is confirmed that Kyle Armalin studied with Charles Xavier.
  • Daria lears that she has made the Cover of Val Magazine .
  • Daria has some romantic-type experiences with Leda Calavacci. (They make out while in 'The Bathroom', while it was in holographic mode; there is reason to assume that Daria also had some small intimacies with David Allen Farrington as well).

Dramatis Personae[edit]

  • Martin Peters, a cadet at the Axe
  • Dayton, the "bleeding heart Jewish liberal" cadet at The Axe who goes toe to toe with Brittany in combat
  • Admiral Martin Harriman, the man who runs The Axe
  • David Allen Farrington, a member of The Alliance, and a powerful psionic like Daria who shares some private time with her in a shared telepathic environment (David Allen's 'convergence' psi-ability)
  • Leda Calavicci, another cadet who shares more than just private time with Daria
  • Jennette and Jacquelyn Concordia, the "Wonder Twins", who also share in Daria's thoughts
  • Chi Ling, another telepath cadet at The Axe
  • Michelle Tandy, another such cadet
  • Jason Lincoln, a cadet who prefers using his astral form in the world the telepaths at The Axe share
  • Jefferson Davers, another such cadet
  • Odell Jones, a man on the run from the law who gains metahuman powers


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