Lost Eagles Found

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The 27th story in the Falling Into College series by Richard Lobinske. The story occurs during early to mid-August 2000.


Summer semester is over and Daria begins searching for a birthday present for Michael Fulton. In a small shop of historical reproductions, she finds a replica of a Roman Legion standard for him, knowing his interest in ancient Rome. The proprietor says a history fan like Michael would understand the joke made into it. Jane departs for Virginia to deliver a portrait of Erin and Brian to Tess Barksdale. The portrait is well received by Tess. Tess questions Jane about Daria and says she does want to know her and Quinn better. Just before leaving, Erin tells her about how unhappy she is with Brian and how Tess is working to keep them together to save face and make up for Rita's many marriages. Michael arrives in Lawndale and makes a side trip to visit Jake and hopefully smooth things between them.


The title was inspired the the term "Lost Eagles of Varius," the three Imperial standards lost with the destruction of their legions during the Battle of Teutoburg Forest.

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