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The Multi-Adaptive Gauntlet/Nanotechnological Universal Marksmanship System (or MAGNUMS sleeve) is a specialized personal defensive system created by Sherrie Klein in concert with DELPHI scientists for use by members of the P.O.G.O. teams. A MAGNUMS sleeve is a tactical system worn over the full arm and shoulder, which is essentially three bonded layers of unstable molecule-cloth that have been saturated with sheets of the nanotechnology that makes up the weapon, which is then sewn into the article of clothing that is intended for the user of the device. (In order to keep the weapon from destroying the article of clothing, it is almost always made up of unstable molecules as well.)

The MAGNUMS sleeve is mentally-activated and controlled, with a fully-integrated targeting system created from the onboard tech (visualized by the wearer through sunglasses provided with the system) and powered by the sleeve’s ultra-minaturized ‘beta fusion relay’. The wearer can fire bolts of concussive energy powerful enough to overturn a main battle tank from several hundred yards away, or tight-beam lasers that can strike a man-sized target from a mile out. The MAGNUMS sleeve's firing capacity is conditionally unlimited; it can fire up to twenty concussive blasts at maximum power before it needs to recharge (a one-hour recharge period is needed) or up to one hundred fifty laser blasts.

It is common for the MAGNUMS sleeve to be in the left sleeve of of a wearer's garment, as most persons are usually right-handed (this gives them the opportunity to fight effectively and still use their primary hand for other tasks).

Lindy Lomard of The Alliance has a MAGNUMS sleeve in her team jacket. In addition, Sandi Griffin worked out a deal with Sherrie (using her ability to triplicate small amounts of material as payment) to have a pair of MAGNUMS sleeves installed in two sets of her Legion Third Generation uniforms. Sandi's sleeves are reconfigured so that she can control the energy discharge form and intensity through both finger and hand movements, instead of needing to use the sunglasses (to some onlookers, it would appear that Sandi's use of her sleeves would be not dissimilar to the cinematic use of 'Ki'/'Chi' (spiritual energies) for offensive purposes. Sandi used these to great effect during the Legion's raid on the Appleton Industries lab where illegal and unethical DPI animal enhancement experimentation was taking place.