Tapped Potentials

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An AU-fanfic by Brother Grimace which introduces the character of Priscilla Henry. In this fandic, Priscilla and Daria - both residents of Highland, Texas at the time - were among many of the residents who came out to see the annual Perseid meteor shower. An eleven-year-old Daria actually saw where one meteor crashed and wanted to go find pieces, but was prevented by Helen from going; Priscilla, whose family lived three houses away from the Morgendorffer family and occasionally let Daria borrow books from her mother's private library, went out and found a meteor fragment for her. The next day, Priscilla was met at her high school by several military officers of differing branches (including Kyle Armalin and Franklin Davers; however, as Priscilla had already joined the U.S. Air Force and was waiting until after graduation to go into Basic Training, the Air Force officer had the principal give the young woman her diploma and put her on active duty immediately.

It was revealed that both girls were exposed to an otherwise-benign radiation emitted from the meteor fragments, which caused them both to develop superhuman powers; Priscilla developed the ability to create and project impenatrable forcefields.

Several years later, in Lawndale, Maryland, Daria discovered that she possessed several powers, such as the superhuman agility and endurance, as well as the superhuman ability to perform 'perfect makeovers' on any person with few articles of makeup or accessories, and in a far shorter time than such 'makeovers' would take - effectively becoming a walking fashion studio.