The Habitat

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An massive orbital station of alien construction, The Habitat is the setting for the events of Behind Enemy Lines. A very close approximation of an O'Neill cylinder and located in geostationary orbit directly above the Canadian territory of Nunavut, The Habitat is roughly thirty miles long and five miles in diameter, and operates as a virtual city/prison in space, with all necessary services to keep the humans aboard alive, healthy and productive.

It is believed that thousands of humans (perhaps tens of thousands) are being held as slave labor and breeding stock aboard The Habitat, controlled by the insectoid alien race known as the Slaver Mantoids, and assisted by other alien races - the Gnomes and the Grays. The Slaver Mantoids are also assisted by human collaborators, who are known as The Watched.

During the summer of 2010, Brother Grimace had planned to write a follow-up piece to 'Behind Enemy Lines' as one of the fics in the 'Judith Strikes!' shared-world series; because of illness and time constraints, that fic (entitled Another Trip Behind Enemy Lines), was never completed. During the upcoming sequel to Judith Strikes! planned for Fall 2010, Brother Grimace plans to revisit this setting.