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Judith Strikes! was a shared world series created by Erin Mills., runnin from May 27 to August 1 in 2010, when it was succeeded by Worldburner and Worldhopper. The series is a spin-off from Mills' Misnomer and Research, with Judith herself coming from Brian Taylor's Through a Closet, Darkly.

A supervillain alternate universe version of Daria, calling herself Judith (after her middle name), is traveling from Earth to Earth in search of information and artifacts related to cross-dimensional travel... and leaving a vast amount of corpses behind. She's completely sociopathic, armed to the teeth with a variety of high-tech & magical weaponry and a magic cloak, and is determined to cause as much pain & suffering as possible to any Daria she runs into.

The series was open to anyone, with the only rule that Judith has to be able to escape at the end and that she gets the information/object she was after. The tones, outcome, and genre of the stories all differ, but the majority are extremely violent and should be viewed as 'mature readers' stories.

Due to scenes of a sexual nature, swearing, and high levels of violence in a number of fics, this is an 'R-rated' series.

Stories in the series[edit]

Most of the following are listed in publication order and fit no real chronological order. The exceptions are Opening Gambit, Mack Dynamite (which starts the final phase of the Judith Strikes cycle), and Closing Ceremony, with some short "coda" stories appearing in the related thread on the PPMB. The entire thing is located on Fanfiction.net as well, in a single source.

If you want to read it on PPMB, you'll have to use the "Rosetta Stone" to get around unicode issues.

  • 'Lunch' by Erin Mills. Features Richard, Archangel, Lt. Heather Patterson of DELPHI (Seen in "Opening Gambit") and the first major appearance of Reiko Tsereba and the Foundation

In late August, 2010, a trailer for a follow-up series was posted on PPMB. The trailer emphasized the destructive nature of Judith's quest, as well as the homage nature of the upcoming series to the iconic 1980's DC Comics series Crisis On Infinite Earths, with Judith serving as a omnicidal counterpart/homage to the character of Harbinger.