Wendy Thackerell

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One of several orignal characters created in Brother Grimace's It's All About Respect, Wendy Thackerell is the British-born head of production for Lauriel de la Ribas' television show, North of the Border.

A petite, fiery redhead with very pale skin (and a seeming inborn aversion of brassiers), Wendy is Lauriel's best friend, and is very protective of her, as she doesn't see Lauriel as standing up for herself as often as she should. (Wendy is the archtype of the phrase 'it's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.') Wendy is quite intelligent and cultured (when she chooses to be), slipping into the role she was born and raised into (that of a proper Englishwoman and low-ranked member of the nobility) with frightening ease. She is very knowledgable of the great classical works of Europe, and can quote them at a moment's notice.

It has been revealed that Wendy has been married (and divorced) three times; to a Japanese shipping magnate, an international antiques merchant, and the Chief Financial Officer of an unnamed multinational corporation (as she puts it, 'I was married to a guy who owned a few boats, then a trinket collector, and finally, an accountant.') She is the possessor of some measure of wealth, but never shows any reason to flaunt it. Wendy is quite fond of Jake, but has a severe (and mutual) dislike of Helen.