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Adventure fiction is characterized by an important quest that can be completed only through hazard-filled travel and combat, overcoming obstacles to resolve the problem driving the plot. This broad heading includes a wide range of sub-genres, such as thrillers, robinsonades, spy and conspiracy stories, disaster-survival tales, and war stories. This category at times crosses into the fantasy, science-fiction, [superhero]], and horror realms.

Adventure in Daria Canon[edit]

Daria does not seem like the kind of animated series that would have much to do with true adventure, but several episodes fit the above criteria in outdoor settings. "The Teachings of Don Jake" and "Antisocial Climbers" included disaster-bound treks into the wilderness in which the quest for survival became all-important. (True, the resolution in "The Teachings of Don Jake" was brief, but the problem was still there.)

One could argue that "Just Add Water" edged into adventuring, once the garbage barge was struck, but there was no quest for Daria and Jane to resolve; in fact, they slept through much of the episode. The musical comedy "Daria!" has a stronger connection to adventure, but the droll "Depth Takes a Holiday" is more of a true adventure than either of the previous two episodes.

Adventure in Daria Fanworks[edit]

Taking the straightforward, non-fantastic adventures as our subject, a fair number of Daria writings make the grade with ease. They are far outnumbered by shippers, but that is to be expected given the nature of the show.

A good number of action/adventure stories here are also crossovers and comedies (e.g., "Wry Hard," derived from the movie Die Hard). Some are also stories-within-a-story, in particular the Melody Powers tales.