Heather Morgendorffer

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Heather Morgendorffer

Heather Regina Morgendorffer is a fictional character created by NightGoblyn. She is one of the title characters from The Heather/Damsel Chronicles, an ongoing alternate-universe fan fiction series with a post-canon setting.


Heather is of average height for her age, and slightly heavier than average due to muscle mass built up through regular exercise and practicing her martial arts. Her build is athletic but still feminine, although she tends to conceal this with slightly over-sized clothing. Her hair is dark red and her eyes are green, and she has the pale complexion common among red haired people.

She tends to wear jeans or slacks, usually black or dark blue, and t-shirts. Most of her t-shirts are black or some shade of green. In winter she also wears an ankle length black leather duster. The most notorious piece of her outfit is her boots: buckled, knee high, thick soled tanker boots with heavy gauge steel shin and arch plates. Heather is very attached to her boots, even going so far as choosing a dress for the Homecoming Dance based primarily on whether it was long enough to conceal them.

The Past[edit]

Heather is the daughter of Daria and Jane Morgendorffer, the eldest child by approximately fifteen minutes.

She grew up in New York City with her twin sister, Damsel. Much of this time was spent in the apartment of their Aunt Quinn due to the extremely busy work schedules of their parents, Daria and Jane Morgendorffer. This period of time is still somewhat murky, although a few facts have come to light. Heather had at least a few friends of Japanese decent, and learned a somewhat slipshod dialect of the Japanese language from them. She apparently spent some time as a girl scout, and was very devoted to the teachings of her sensei, Stacy Rowe. Damsel has claimed that Heather was in a street gang during part of this time; a claim that Heather denied, claiming to have simply hung out with a rough crowd.

The Present[edit]

Heather currently resides in Lawndale with her parents and sister, and frequently socializes with her cousin, Cherry Lane. She is a freshman at Lawndale High School, and is apparently an able student. She is not romantically involved, and has stated on numerous occasions that she feels she is too young to engage in that sort of relationship. She maintains a casual friendship with The Flying Monkeys and Cherry's boyfriend, Steven MacKenzie. She has gotten into two fights with the Lawndale Lions' quarterback, Nathan Feldman, and has had one particularly venomous verbal exchange with his younger sister Jessica. She also once shoved Jessica's boyfriend Mike Leon partially over the safety wall on the school roof and threatened to drop him if he refused to answer her questions.

Heather has serious temper control problems and a violent streak, both of which tend to display themselves when she feels her friends or family are being threatened. She also seems to have self-esteem problems and occasionally withdraws into sullen apathy when she feels overwhelmed. Finally, she suffers from recurring nightmares that involve her being beaten and some variation on the phrase "We expected so much more from you."


At one point, Cherry asks Heather about the origin of her name and Heather claims it's a Bible name - taken from the Rants of St. Hicks. This is a reference to the late comedian Bill Hicks, specifically his commentary on the childrens' book Heather Has Two Mommies, in which the eponymous character is being raised by a lesbian couple. This was the first hint that Heather's other parent, who had not been named at that point in the series, was in fact Jane.

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 135 pounds

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green

Birthday: June 5th, 2005

Hobbies: martial arts, violent video games, drawing