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We All Fall Down is the first part of Turnabout Confusion by Dennis. This novella-length fanfic covers a week during Daria's junior year — a week during which Daria and Quinn change places, with Daria dressing fashionably and Quinn dressing like a geek. The story envisions a cutthroat popularity culture at Lawndale High and extrapolates the effects of the Quinn/Daria switch into a massive power shift affecting canon and original characters alike.


Turnabout Confusion began as an Iron Chef proposed by Ranger Thorne at the PPMB, suggesting that two major characters switch place for a day. The story was composed serially at PPMB beginning in August 2007. During the composition, Dennis divided the story into two parts. We All Fall Down was completed in December 2007, and Part II: All the King's Horses began in January 2008. We All Fall Down features 15 different viewpoint characters and is approximately 35,000 words.


We All Fall Down was nominated for several awards in the 4th Daria Fanworks Awards. The story tied for awards in the following categories:

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